Bible Study Network

These Bible studies are organized to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. They will allow you to encounter the love of God, equip you with valuable biblical knowledge, and empower you to step out into a world that needs Jesus. Go through these studies in order, do them with friends, ask leaders questions, talk to God about what you’re learning, and grow as much as possible.


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1. The Bible & Studying It

What is the Word of God and its purpose in our lives?

2. Atonement

What is a "life-saving sacrifice?"

3. Repentance 

Turning in the other direction

4. Evangelism

Why bother sharing?

5. Grace of God

The free gift of God

6. Lordship

God is above all other things

7. Water Baptism

We are a new creation in Christ

8. Inner Healing & Deliverance

Breaking the old chains off

9. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Clothed with power from on high

10. Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Every spiritual blessing from heaven

11. Commitment to a local church

Importance of community

12. Identity in christ

Who we actually are in Christ Jesus and its implications

13. Discipleship

We never stop learning

14. Partnership with God

Working not just for God, but with God

15. Intimacy with God

Rewarded in the secret place

16. Prayer

Prayer is a two-way dialogue with God

17. Praise, worship, & Thanksgiving

Praising God through the hard times

18. Sanctification

God's way of fixing the heart and mind

19. Faith

Being certain of what is unseen

20. Healing

Our physical healing in Christ

21. Fellowship & Accountability

Being alone is not God's plan for you

22. Biblical Giving

Pressed down, shaken together, and running over